Selling Basics

Listing your home for sale is a process that needs to be organized. The goal is to limit the days on market and get the property sold. Before or after you list you home on your local Multiple Listing Service you should get the basics down.

The following can be done in days. Keeping it simple is key.

  • Give your home a welcoming smell. Smell is the most important when showing. If it smell like funk now matter how nice it is, it will show as if it were junk. Home cooking is not a welcoming smell because everyone has different taste. No matter how good you think your cooking is, it probably smells like crap to someone else. Hidden air fresheners are key. Go with one scent, but do not overdue it. You should not rely on fresheners. Get yourself a few air breathing plants (not flowers) to bring in fresh oxygen.
  • Creating space is important. If you have too much furniture - get rid of it. Junk it, throw it or hide it. Buyers need to be able to visualize and too much furniture will disrupt the showing. More and more sellers are hiring professional stagers to get the interior to shine.
  • Know about your home. How old is the heating system, water boiler, roof? Does your condo have a reserve account, any assessments? You should be able to answer all questions that come at you. You never want to say, I'll have to get back to you on that, because not knowing an answer on the spot is a missed opportunity.

Selling Basics

For many years I have been going against the industry by exclusively representing the interest of buyers and now that Buyer Agency is widely accepted I am shifting my focus to go against the industry once again to inform and serve Sellers who do not yet understand that there is no need to pay expensive listing fees to market and sell their property. It can be done more economically and effectively through my flat fee listing service.

Over the years I have done many deals. Every listing agent I have ever dealt with could have done a better job for the amount of money they were getting paid. There is no doubt in my mind that Buyer Agents do all the work. One duty of the listing agent is entering the property information into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Most of the time they do an awful job leaving items unanswered and incomplete. A listing should always be filled out completely. Unfortunately, most can't even get this right.

Additionally, traditional listing agents are the worst negotiators. I know this because I am a hard-core negotiator and have a track record to prove it! Traditional listing agents are supposed to be representing your interest and to be blunt, they suck at it. If they didn't suck at it the homes they list wouldn't take so long to sell. As a seller, you should know how experienced the listing agent is when they tell you what the asking price should be for your property. If they say an amount and you, as a seller, say you want a more for your property and they give in to your request. The listing broker will providing a disservice to you.

Listing agents that do not give into unwarranted seller demands (i.e. inflated selling prices) do not know the market and will not be able to get you the most for your house. Listing agents who will tell you that they cannot list your property for the amount you want are the only traditional listing agents that know what they are doing. Good brokers do not take listings that will not sell once on the market. Bad ones will. Unfortunately, most traditional listing agents are bad.

Today's sellers are more well versed in the sales process than in previous years. The times are changing. Many sellers are ready, willing and able to actively participate in the sale of their home and actually prefer to be directly involved in the selling process.

You don't need a traditional listing agent anymore. All you need is our Flat Fee MLS Listing Service and a little support and we will get you on your way

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