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After a lot of research and advice from many people, my wife and I decided to sell our house on our own. The best results when selling on your own still included listing on the MLS but without having to incur the additional costs for a selling agent. We found InstaMLS.com on Google and immediately were impressed with the ease of setting things up, listing our house and having access to the documentation that we needed to sell our house quickly and profitably. The owner of the site was there along the way, eager to answer any questions for us regarding the sales process. It was great to know that behind the website was a real person dedicated to helping us. We found a buyer through the MLS (much to the disappointment of many local agents) within three weeks of putting it on the market and we saved over $5000 in the process. I would recommend InstaMLS.com to anybody without hesitation.

By listing with InstaMLS.com, I got continuous calls for showings and saved about $4500 dollars. I had the opportunity to choose the best offer and not just settle for one!

I think the InstaMLScom is great for any FSBO. It is easy to use and the procedure for updating is also easy. It is the best money you can spend on advertising. I spent 10 times as much to advertise my home in local papers with no results. The internet is the #1 marketing tool for selling and buying real estate and anyone searching for a house is on MLS. Thanks for your help!

After finally making the decision to try one of the online services like InstaMLS.com to sell our house, I spent quite a bit of time doing due diligence to be sure we selected the right one. I researched each one, read all their fine print, and read through all the sign-up documents. The wording in InstaMLS's documents was very straight forward. I even had my attorney read the documents before we signed up to make sure everything was copasetic. We put our house on the market on a Friday night, had our first open house the next Sunday, and had an offer an hour after the open house closed. It turned out to be the best decision we ever made. And the owner of InstaMLS.com was very helpful and always available whenever we had a question. Looking back, it was such a no-brainer to go this route for selling. We saved $18,000 in commission and didn't have to deal with a seller's broker showing our house at odd times, etc. We feel we were able to show/sell our house better than a stranger could. And as far as the other details a seller’s broker might do, we ran everything by our attorney, from the signing of the offer to the P&S and the closing. It was almost too simple. Thank you InstaMLS.com!

Excellent experience. Will recommend and will use again.



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