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To be honest there is not much difference other than the amount of money you will save. Despite what traditional agents will tell you, they really don't provide any additional services. It's not like they have a long list of buyer's waiting to purchase from them. Buyers do not even like dealing with listing agents, they would rather deal directly with the seller. (I don't even like dealing with traditional listing agents.)

We do just about everything a full service agency does. However, we don't do actual showings and we don't put open house ads in your local newspaper. We leave these two things up to you. We believe these tasks can be taken care of by you, the seller.

Showings are simple and full service agents are not the greatest at showing buyer's around. I have accompanied many buyers on thousands of showings and half the time the full service listing agent knows nothing about the property. When they know nothing, they say, "You know, I was just going to ask the seller about that tonight." Love that line because that line tells me the agent knows nothing about the house. Sad, but often so true. Showings are comical to me because I see right through traditional listing agents. (If they only knew how dumb they look.)

So, if you have the time to take calls for appointments and don't mind calling your local newspaper to place an open house ad this service is for you.

With us, you will get the necessary marketing exposure. We are affiliated with all the most important real estate sites. We will also give you step by step instructions on how to deal with agents and buyers. We will also give you a transaction checklist so you know exactly what you have to do once you have an accepted offer. We will make you look like a professional so you can make the cooperating Buyer's Agent look like they need more training.
Please note that is our old site. We have since renamed our service

After a lot of research and advice from many people, my wife and I decided to sell our house on our own.  The best results when selling on your own still included listing on the MLS but without having to incur the additional costs for a selling agent.  We found on Google and immediately were impressed with the ease of setting things up, listing our house and having access to the documentation that we needed to sell our house quickly and profitably.  The owner of the site was there along the way, eager to answer any questions for us regarding the sales process.  It was great to know that behind the website was a real person dedicated to helping us.  We found a buyer through the MLS (much to the disappointment of many local agents) within three weeks of putting it on the market and we saved over $5000 in the process.  I would recommend to anybody without hesitation.

- Armand W. Springfield, Massachusetts.

By listing with, I got continuous calls for showings and saved about $4500 dollars. I had the opportunity to choose the best offer and not just settle for one!
- Becky C. Leominster, Massachusetts.

I think the is great for any FSBO.  It is easy to use and the procedure for updating is also easy.  It is the best money you can spend on advertising.  I spent 10 times as much to advertise my home in local papers with no results.  The internet is the #1 marketing tool for selling and buying real estate and anyone searching for a house is on MLS.  Thanks for your help!

- Bryan T. Winchester, Massachusetts.
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