Our NH Flat Fee MLS Service - $350.

List your home on the Northern New Hampshire Multiple Listing Service (NNEREN) and REALTOR.com® as well as other partner sites for a one time fee. We do not have junk fees if you need to make changes or add a weekly open house to your listing. All properties are listed in-house by a licensed broker. We do not refer out listings like many other sites. Don't be fooled. Some competitors claim to offer similar services - but they do not.  We are a real brick and mortar real estate brokerage. We are not a referral service. We stand behind our service and provide you with all the support you may need from start to finish. NNEREN MLS currently allows 25 photos (subject to change) per listing. One exterior property photo is required unless you are selling land. ALL NH Flat Fee MLS lisitngs are active for one year.    

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InstaMLS.com provides a hassle free by owner MLS service for NH property owners who are interested in selling their homes without having to pay out Realtor commissions. We list properties on the MLS for those who are interested in selling By Owner but also want the exposure only a licensed realtor belonging to your MLS can provide. Our service automatically cancels out the listing commission. Print NH Listing Agreement Package. We guarantee unmatched service and exposure. Our goal is to provide great service. We are more than just a typical for sale by owner realty service.

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We strive to provide amazing customer service. Great service is all we have to offer. Sure, you might find a competitor with a lower price, but our service cannot be matched. It's not possible because Hillman Real Estate is neurotic about making sure our customers are a top priority no matter what time of day it is. Email us during the late hours by clicking this link and you can expect a quick reply. Go ahead, time us.

How we give New Hampshire seller a cost saving option to selling

Traditionally, New Hampshire sellers have had two options to explore when selling their property: They could market their property on their own, limiting exposure and usually resulting in a longer time on market, or they could list their property with a local real estate agency; paying upwards of 5-6% of the purchase price for listing and selling. Going against tradition, we are now giving sellers a third option, making the other two options regrettable. For an upfront flat fee seller’s in New Hampshire now have an opportunity to market their properties on the New Hampshire Multiple Listing Service (NNEREN MLS) without having to pay outrageous listing commissions. This is a true MA discount real estate service.

Our mission is to provide New Hampshire sellers with the necessary marketing and support that is essential to getting the property sold.  Our service saves sellers money and puts them in control. Our philosophy at Hillman Real Estate Inc is simple:  We list. You sell.™ With our New Hampshire flat fee MLS service customer service is everything. We understand that the highest level of support is needed at all times. To ensure your comfort we will educate you with selling process, which included tips and advice at no extra charge and certainly no commission. We are a real estate company. We understand the market and the need for a NH discount real estate service.

Discount real estate doesn't mean you get what you pay for.

There are many reasons why listing our NH flat fee listing service makes sense. Although, listing in this manner is not for everyone, the benefits strongly out-weigh the traditional alternatives (i.e. listing your property for 5-6%) when selling real estate. When you are selling real estate - exposure is everything. When selling your home you should want the world to know about your property. The more eyes that see your property, the better your chances are of finding a strong buyer. Just like location matters in real estate. Exposure matters most when marketing real estate. Don't waste your time posting a for sale sign without enhancing your efforts with an Internet marketing package. Do you self a favor and check out our MLS listing for a flat fee today. 

Not all NH flat fee MLS services are the same. We list on NNEREN for a flat fee.

As a seller you should be aware that in NH flat fee listing serviceand NH discount real estate service can vary from price, quality of service and reputation.  Everyone is looking for a good deal, which is why we offer such a low price for our flat fee MLS service. At Hillman Real Estate Inc. we know that getting a great price is going to make you happy.  But we also understand that a low price is worthless without exceptional service. We take pride in the NH flat fee listing service that we provide. InstaMLS is NOT just another NH flat fee listing service, we’re a referral based NH flat fee listing service. This means we do everything in our power to provide you with the best possible service so you will eventually refer friends, family and co-workers. Without you we have nothing! With our exceptional service we have gained superb recognition within the industry here in New England. Our sellers love our product because we are always around to provide support. We have a proven track record when it comes to the service we provide to our flat fee listing service sellers. We will never let you down. In real estate reputation is everything. Why? Because nobody wants to work with an agency who has a poor image or reputation. Our agency and NH flat fee listing service is both well known and reputable throughout the industry. Realtors love introducing buyers to all properties we list on MLS for a flat fee because they know we assist quality sellers. Your listing will be introduced to Buyer Agents under the Hillman Real Estate name. For a small flat fee your home will be listed on the Multiple Listing Service for one year. This is the same exact service that every NH Realtor uses to sell homes.  Once we list your home we will have your listing syndicated across the Internet. In addition to our partner sites, your home will be displayed on thousands of real estate related sites. Yes, we said thousands.  Once you decide to list your home through our NH flat fee listing service we will take care of all your online marketing. We do everything in our power to get the word out that you are selling your home. Not only do we have the lowest flat fees on the Internet. We also have a money back guarantee.

Explaining New Hampshire Agency and Seller relationships. 

Traditionally, real estate agents want to create a relationship with you, the seller, granting them the exclusive right to market your property. In other words, listing agents are asking you to give up your right to market your home "by owner" so they can do it and be paid for their services when they close the deal. Since the real estate market is over saturated with traditional real estate agents many people just think they need to enter into an exclusive right to sell real estate agreement.  This is not true. Smart sellers who are "market savvy" will do research to find out that they do not have to go with a traditional listing agent to sell their house.  They can enter into a non-exclusive listing agreement with a flat fee real estate listing service. By doing this, the seller, can market on their own as well as market through the MLS for a flat fee.  Many call this method the hybrid approach to selling real estate.  We call it the smart way to sell real estate. In order to sell your home on the Realtor MLS you must enter into an agreement.  A listing cannot be entered into the MLS without first entering into an agreement with a agent. Doing so is against the MLS rules and regulations. When consumers hear the word "agreement" they often get overwhelmed, but the fact of the matter is that entering into an agreement shows professionalism and it will also protect your interest.  As a seller, you should want the agent to put what they are going to do for you in writing. With our NH flat fee listing service we use an agreement called a Facilitation Listing Agreement.  This agreement is the simple way to get your home onto the MLS without giving up your rights to market and sell without an agent.

Selling FSBO in New Hampshire on NNEREN MLS. We get real estate sold. 

No matter how many For Sale By Owner (FSBO) you post your home on it will never reach the amount of buyers that NNEREN Multiple Listing Service does.  Regardless of what all the popular For Sale By Owner sites say on testimonial pages - it will never happen.  It doesn't matter which popular FSBO site you pick your wasting your money.  Of course everyone likes to see SAVE 6% and NO COMMISSION tag lines but this is not realistic. Did you know that over 85% of the homes listed in America sell on the Multiple listing Service?  That's a lot of real estate.  The real estate market has changed a lot over the last year and exposure is everything. The great thing about our New Hampshire flat fee MLS service is that we are only looking for a flat fee - nothing else.  Some real estate companies say they have a flat fee MLS service, but they are looking for more than a flat fee. Sometimes they will say that they will put your home on theNew Hampshire Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to help you sell your home, but they will also say if they find a buyer for your property they would like to be compensated a small commission for doing so. With our NH flat fee MLS service all calls we receive from interested Buyers will be directed to you.  We will never attempt to convert a Buyer into a client of ours - never.     If you surf around the web you may find similar services, but be sure to read the fine print. They are often not the same. Many agents will say we have a few different types of discount services to offer you.  Then the agent will come by your home and pitch you several options and steer you away from flat fee and into a full service plan.  Our NH flat fee MLS service is exactly what we advertise.  We will never push into something you don't need. We are focused on providing a great flat fee MLS experience. You have nothing to loose with our NH flat fee listing service We are very serious about helping sellers. No catches, just a good old MLS listing for a flat fee. 


We list homes on NNEREN MLS: Northern New Hampshire Real Estate Network. 

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